Friday, 25 November 2011


Dear great people.. this is my first time updating my entry in the morning as today is holiday. hmm, i bet most of people outside there having fb ryte? me? sy tade fb :)

before nie sy mmg ada fb. active myb dalam setahun saje. after that i'm decide to deactive my fb account because of several reasons. everything we do must have the pro and con ryte.. for me experiencing fb for a year have negative impact towards me. wasting a lot of tyme..... gossipping... but i can't deny dat no fb means no direct information for you :) fb have a lot of thing dat we can share and get to know.

yes, just after i'm buying blackberry, i'm suddenly deactive my fb. sbb kat bb kan ada bbm :) people might say, why should i have to deactive my fb as using fb via bb is much easier. guys, i've lost my interest towards fb so dat i don't use it anymore. i feel like my private life interrupt. i like it when people call and text  me to know about my latest news. but what happen when i have fb? people know my news through fb when they read my status. no. i dun like dat. it seems like our relation become loose. bile sy deactive my fb, so many people call and text me asking where is my fb, why i deactive my fb and other question. see? huhu..   

however, i never underestimate people who having fb. dats  good when you have passion on sumting so ur life dun look dull and bored. as long as u using fb properly, then its good. but certain people misuse that fb by memaki hamun org sesuka hati, sumtime upload gambar yang tidak baik untuk memalukan org lain, membuka aib seseorang. hmmm, its not good oke. use fb for pure intention yeah y'ols.

just wait. myb sy akan mengaktifkan semula fb sy tapi tatau bile. itu hanya kemungkinan sahaja. for this tyme, i'm switching from fb to blog :) blog is just like my diary. sy bule menulis apa sahaja yang saya inginkan. and i hope readers will enjoy reading my writing. tapi if my writing ada hurt people i'm so sory oke. feel free untuk tegur sy. teguran yang membina oke :) then i will correct what i think is overline.

oke people, tyme for breakfast :)

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